Species: Human
Homeland: Sykie Meadows
Gender: Female
Profession: Witch
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Zamora is a witch specializing in chromamancy, noted for discovering the Double Rainbow dragon.


Zamora was raised by her wizard parents in an idyllic valley in the Sykie Meadows. When she was just seven years old, she wandered off into the hills and saw a double rainbow dragon. She was so wonderstruck she stared at it until it vanished into the clouds, then she ran home and told her parents all about it, but no one believed her, because she was known for being imaginative. However, she knew what she had seen and as soon as she was old enough went on a quest to find the elusive double rainbow dragon.

Later Life

Zamora was known throughout most of her life for being at best eccentric and at worst completely mad. She always dressed in rainbow colors and gaudy, extravagant jewelry. Still, she was a skilled chromamancer, and had four Celtic dragons, Square, Figure Eight, Half Hitch and Sheepshank (all named after different types of knots). She spent most of her life traveling the world with her four dragons, searching for the Double Rainbow Dragon.


Of course, Zamora is best known for discovering the Double Rainbow dragon, but she was also a skilled chromamancer and daring explorer. She worked the Genomancy allowing double rainbow dragons to be bred in parks. She was the first to explore many areas of The Shimmering Isles and mapped some of the most impenetrable jungles of the Far East. She is also considered by some to be a pioneer in fashion, and was one of the first witches daring enough to dye her hair all the colors of the rainbow.


Famous Quotes

"Even the darkest dragons have vivid colors at the inside." -Zamora, with this she wanted to tell that even dark element dragons can be joyful

"One must be a bit mad to change the world for the better." -Zamora, when criticized for her eccentricity

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