Between the ages of 12 and 18, after graduating from primary school and having learned all the basic knowledge needed to be a wizard, young witches and wizards will attend one of many magical boarding schools each devoted to the study of two primary elements.

This is, of course, after the Bonding Ceremony, when young students choose and bond their first dragon. The Bonding Ceremony determines, to a degree, which school a student will attend, because students almost always attend a school matching the elements of their bonded dragon.

All of these schools are focused around the study of magic and the care of dragons. Schools also teach mundane (non-magical) subjects concurrently. Different schools specialize in different mundane subjects, typically those that become the traits of their students.

List of Schools

This list is ordered alphabetically. When adding new schools, please add them at the right place.

(you can add the rest. still have to decide on some names though)

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