Becoming a wizard is no easy task. During the Age of the Wizards, an education process was created to guide young children to becoming wizards.

Primary Schools

At around the age of five, a young child wishing to be a wizard will enter a primary school. He or she will stay there through age 11. At primary schools, children have basic education on wizards, magic, dragons, elements, and DragonVale in general. Children at a primary school may do simple spells occasionally, but the majority of magic and spells are not learnt until wizard school.

Bonding Ceremony

After primary school, a wizard-in-training will bond with a dragon in a bonding ceremony. (See Bonding for more information on this ceremony.) A bonding ceremony celebrates not just bonding, but also the wizard-in-training's graduation from primary school. A wizard-in-training is not egligible to advance to wizard school until he or she has completed his or her bonding ceremony.

Wizard Schools

After a wizard-in-training completes his or her bonding ceremony, he or she will choose a wizard school, usually based on the bonded dragon's elements. Wizards-in-training will usually start wizard school at age 12 and end at age 18. At wizard schools, actual magic and spells are learnt.


There are usually seven particular classes taught by schools.

Wizard Apprenticeship

After wizard school is finished, the student is now officially a wizard. However, some wizards who want to be advanced in magic will get a wizard apprenticeship. This is quite different from school: the student will hire a master to privately teach him or her. Wizard apprenticeships, though expensive, are a very good method to gain mastery in one field.

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