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The Wingaling Dragon is a large pseudo-dragon that is known to be extremely dangerous.


They are described to have large, feathered wings shaped like a butterfly's wing. The head has four elongated golden feathers on either sides, a white, fluffy mane and large yellow eyes. They are sleek in design and has a long tail. Wingaling Dragons are quadrupled creatures, so their legs are long and have 3 sharp claws. Most distinctively, they have a faint grey marking resembling a cobra's.



Wingaling Dragons have a very strong bite force capable of crushing bones and tearing off flesh, and their claws are sharp and long, able to cling onto prey for a precise strike. They are also very strong, as one individual is observed lifting up an entire mountain goat.


These creatures have a distinct marking on their back resembling a cobra's marking. Although they are not venomous, other creatures tend to leave them and their chicks alone.


Wingaling Dragons are not as intelligent as proper dragons, but they are still very smart creatures capable of understanding body languages. They can also work in small groups, making hunting preys very easy.


Wingaling Dragons are rare but widespread. Small populations are spread throughout Aeolia.

Relationship to Wizards

Due to their aggressive nature and constant thirst for hoofed mammals, Wingaling Dragons are often considered threats to the shepherd's herd and crops. They normally hunt at night, as it is easier to move stealthily through the tree tops and near the sheeps, and shepherds have to stay up all day to guard their sheeps from these dangerous predators.

But some wizards who managed to tame one remarked how these creatures are incredible loyal and playful, and make excellent flying mounts. Also, their fierce status in the land makes having a Wingaling mount even more desirable.

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