The War of Apep was an ancient war in the Sandara Desert between the sandstorm dragons and Apep with his army consisting of Miaris, Zandalo, Sidam and Muton. The war lasted only a few days in which multiple sandstorm dragons were killed, as the flock just used their natural weapons while Apep and his army used weapons made by Sidam. The war ended with all other sandstorm dragons using their power to create a huge sandstorm, the Sandstorm of Apep, to blow away Apep and his army.  However, many innocent sandstorm dragons and other dragons were blown away and killed by this sandstorm too, as well as the Sand Kings civilization was destroyed. The war took place in 500 ASW. The only ally of Apep that survived was Zandalo, who joined the flock as he was forced to fight along by Apep but was eventually killed by a nomadic tribe. He was the last pharaoh dragon until the breed was rediscovered millennia later.

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