Vitrum Scyphus
The Vitrum Scyphus is a plant in the Sandara Desert of the family Vitra.


The Vitrum Scyphus can survive on only a few drops of water. Its nectar is eaten by light dragons and is eaten entirely by midday dragons. This is required for pollination. When wind flows over it, it creates a beautiful sound which attracts these dragons.


These beautiful plants are only found in the Sandara Desert.

Magical Properties

The petals of the Vitrum Scyphus are used as ingredients for certain potions. Without this plant, light dragons would have a hard time surviving in the Sandara Desert. The scent of this plant also repels Sandaran Giant Worms to protect the dragons and people living near the plant, so they often have to nudge midday dragons away from them to avoid the plant from being eaten by these dragons.

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