Valor Dragon
Elements: Olympus
Type: Epic
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Omnivore
DDLA Rank:
From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Valor Dragon:
Valor dragon, brave bearer
Our hearts you fill with might,
Your wings raised strong and shinning,
Your plumage catching light.
When the night is long and dark,
The valor dragon warms our hearts.
    —Nogard's description of the Valor Dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Valor Dragon is a very rare epic dragon of the Olympus element.


The valor dragon has periwinkle scales and a light yellow underbelly. The dragon is adorned with marvelous, iridescent red plumage, retracting from the tail, head and wings. There is a golden plate on the front of its head.



Though the valor dragon looks skinny, it has a lot of might. A whack from its tail could send an unarmed wizard flying. The plate on the snout is used in battle, along with their golden claws.



Other Abilities


Breath Weapon



The valor dragon relies on its strength and battle technique and doesn't do well facing off against magically powerful opponents.



Valor dragons live in legions on Mount Oly. However, a few solitary beasts live on small islands near Leviathan Lagoon, and on an archipel called the Pokmungo Archipel. In the two last regions, they are often seen fighting with Squall Dragons.

Preferred Home

Valor dragons can settle about anywhere. However, of they move to a place with a lot of objects with the color yellow or, even worse, the color blue, they will destroy those objects. It is unknown why they do this, especially because they are light blue themselves with a yellow belly.


Valor dragons build towers on their legion's settlement. Oftentimes the leader will show his legion off by standing on the roof, spinning and impressing others.The solitary dragons in Leviathan Lagoon build smaller versions of this, and the herds on the Pokmungo Archipel make a lighter, portable version of the tower for taking along, which they can use when they temporarily settle.


Valor dragons sometimes eat plants but are mainly carnivores, hunting for big prey, like Gryphons and other dragons. One living on an island in Leviathan Lagoon may even attack Livyatans.


Behavior and Personality

Valor dragons are patient and loyal, and although brutally battling each other is a common pastime, they are very respectful of other dragons.

Social Order

Valor dragons lived in spread out groups called "legions", all over Mount Oly, with roles to protect the mountain from forces. Lower down, near Triad Trench, the valor dragons would need to fight common wild animals, like lions and wolves, but higher up the legions have to battle gryphons and other dragons. victory dragons serve valor dragons and thus are found in the legion too.

Valor dragons in Leviathan Lagoon are solitary and do not mate, while the ones on the Pokmungo Archipel do, but they live in small herds where everybody is even, except for the leader who decides where to travel and makes mating pairs.

Apart from this, they seem to get along very well with blazing dragons.

Relationship to Wizards


When in a park




Valor dragons prefer to live in Olympus habitats but wil live in Omnitats if they are put in them.

How to care for


Favorite Treat

Life Cycle


Valor dragons mate to avoid extinction, not for romantic purposes. Pairs are organized by the leader of the valor dragons. When paired up, the male and female fight for dominance. The victorious person will deal with political issues and protecting Mount Oly, while the loser must care for the children.


After the female lays the egg, the loser of the mating fight must take care of it. The location of their legion affects how the egg is cared for, as gryphons are notorious egg-stealers.


Valor dragons can move and communicate from birth. They are trained to hunt and fight by the legion's leader.





Life Span




The valor dragon was discovered by pyromancy witch Andela Whitespark, who discovered these dragons shortly after they emerged from Tartarus. She studied them, but wasn't really willing to bond to one, as she already bonded to three blazing dragons and wanted her fourth bonded dragon be of the Fire element too, regardless of the valor dragon's control over Pyromancy.

Origin of Name

The valor dragon is named after the name it was given in The Vellum of Visions. Before the ode to the valor dragon was found, the Wizard Council wanted to name it either "Instinct Dragon", because the dragon has an instinct for killing and fighting, or "Mystic Dragon", because it looks mystical.


Valor dragons not only master Theomancy, but also Pyromancy and Aeromancy as well.

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