The Twilight Tower is a building made by the wizard Circadia. It's purpose is to change the time of day or season to the user's liking. It so far has 10 themes, Day, Dusk (Night), Spooky (Halloween), Winter (Christmas), Rose (Valentine's Day), Daybreak, Star Fall, Summer, Nightfall (Halloween), and Wintercast (Christmas). The Twilight Tower can work in sync with the Weather Station to create a custom atmosphere to one's park, whether it's snowing in spring, autumn leaves in summer, or shooting stars in midday!
Twilight Tower

The Twilight Tower in normal (midday) form


The Twilight Tower uses several different kinds of magic to give each sky its look, including:

  • Heliomancy, to change night into day
  • Selenimancy, to change day into night
  • Chromamancy, to produce auroras in the Winter theme and rainbows in the Summer theme
  • Several kinds of primary and hybrid magic is used to produce clouds and prevent them from precipitating.
  • Chionimancy to create snowflakes

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