Torbin the Wicked
Species: Human
Homeland: Great South
Gender: Male
Profession: Leader
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Torbin the Wicked was an evil wizard who lived during the time of turmoil at the start of the wizarding age. He was on the Wizard Council for many years, until he murdered the leader of the council and was elected leader himself. He hated dragons and kept his own dragon, a scorch dragon named Killer, just to exploit his magic and make himself more powerful.

At this time, most of the plant dragons lived in an around the Krollsmarsh, a southern wetland surrounded by forest. Torbin, who was then called Torbin the Magnificent, wanted to build his capital city there, with a giant statue of himself. However, the dragons who lived there appealed to the council for help. The council prevented Torbin from destroying the marsh because the plant dragons already lived there.

Furious, Torbin decided to stir up public hatred toward the dragons so he could get his way. He secretly commissioned several of his advisers to use their dragons to burn crops, attack villagers, steal food, and destroy homes. They even kidnapped some wizards' dragons and convinced the wizards that the dragons had betrayed them and run away. The rumor spread that the peace was a trick and the dragons were plotting to destroy them. Finally Torbin had the support he needed to destroy the dragons' home.

He sent an army with torches to burn the whole forest. At this time, Thornbark, a young plant dragon coming from a small tribe, learned of the threat and spread the alarm. He flew to every tribe in the marsh and told them of the impending danger. Most didn't know what to make of his raving--until the woods around them burst into flames. When he learned that the most important plant dragon leader in the forest had been killed in the fire, he elected himself leader, united the dragons of the forest together, and they all fled the forest just in time. They migrated halfway across a continent to reach the Great Forest, where they could live in safety.

After this happened, people learned of the dragons that had died in the fire and the truth about the plot started to come out. Everyone turned against Torbin and drove him far into the north. No one knows what happened to him, but it is said that his own dragon, Killer, eventually turned on him and made an end to his evil.