The Shimmering Isles is the name of an archipelago of islands and is home to the Gemstone dragons. All islands are mapped at the moment and the most well-known one is the Isle of Ulmek, home to the Jade Dragons. At the south side is The Crimson Sea and at the north side the Sea of Kimzar.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Shimmering Isles consist of dozens of islands, some so tiny they are barely more than rocks jutting out of the sea with a few plants, some huge. On the center island, which is the biggest, is a huge mountain. The Isle of Ulmek houses over 100+ different types of plants. At the bottom of the sea, in the underground caves of the island Insulareginae are giant pearls known as Les Reines de Pearls. This same island also has a big lake in the center of it. All islands have at least one cave, and all these caves are connected by underwater tunnels. These caves are full of crystals, making the Shimmering Isles the most important mine for minerals and gems. The islands are in general very different from each other in terms of their appearance, flora and fauna.


The climate on The Shimmering Isles varies depending on the season. It is comfortable during spring and autumn, with sometimes a bit rain, but it is scorching hot during the summer and ice cold during the winter and hail is not unusual.


Once, the Shimmering Isles were connected to land and were called The Shimmering Glades. However, when symphatisants of Torbin the Wicked kidnapped diamond dragons for their use during The War of the Wizards, the good wizards decided they must deconnect the glades to prevent Torbin from using more Gemstone dragons to increase his power. However, all Gemstone dragons stayed on the land because of an error in the spell. The were then moved to the Isles using boats, the Gemstone Migration.


Though there is a research center, there are no permanent human inhabitants on The Shimmering Isles. However, almost every Gemstone Dragon and a few Crystalline Dragons live there. The Isle of Ulmek contains a lot of plants.


Dragon Species


Non-Dragon Creatures

Bordering Regions