The Rose Dragon and the Thorn Dragon is a love story written by W. Wiggleswand about a rose dragon and a thorn dragon who fall in love, even though their malicious bonded wizards have a bitter hatred.


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The play starts by introducing Montgomery Prickle, a sinister wizard who sees dragons as weapons, not living things. He uses his thorn dragon, Hawthorn, in an illegal act known as Dragonfighting, where Hawthorn is forced to battle enemies twice his size. When Hawthorn fails, he is whipped mercilessly by his master. When he succeeds, Hawthorn feels deadly guilt, causing bad consequences either way. Then, when Montgomery pushes Hawthorn into killing a helpless scoria dragon, Hawthorn runs away. He is caught by a dragon merchant who puts Hawthorn for sale at a black market.

We then see Claudia Worthington, a merciless judge who convicts criminals without reasonable evidence. By her side throughout her unfair trials is Perennial, a depressed rose dragon. The only reason she keeps the rose dragon is so Perennial can be the last beautiful thing criminals see before they are sent to prison.

Montgomery arrives at the black market Hawthorn is being sold at, and demands him back. The merchant refuses, and, during the night, Montgomery steals Hawthorn back. However, Hawthorn's master is caught and put on trial at the court of Claudia Worthington. Hawthorn is immediately smitten at the sullen-looking rose dragon by Claudia's side. On the other side, Perennial is falling for the frightened thorn dragon. When Hawthorn is taken away after Montgomery is claimed guilty, both dragons yearn for each other, not knowing that the other yearns for them too.

After Montgomery is sentenced to be hanged for thievery, Hawthorn is released into the wild. Montgomery snarls at his dragon, but Perennial calls for love. Hawthorn finally understands that his love for the rose dragon is mutual, but before they can be reunited, Hawthorn is locked out of The Capitol.



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