The Prince of Wraith Dragons is a tragic play written by W. Wiggleswand about a monarchial society of wraith dragons and their slow decay into the destruction of this society.


When Bodach is killed by Dragon Hunters, the wraith dragon monarch slowly falls apart. Bodach is replaced by Lemure, his brother, but his son, Haint, is falling into depression after being traumatized. He's put under the care of Gawk, the wise dragon of the tribe. Gawk takes care of Haint, until Haint discovers that Lemure has sinister plans for the tribe, and Gawk is helping.

Haint runs away to Ether Lake, a body of water believed to foretell the future. His mother, Eerie, was buried here, like many other wraith dragons. Haint believes that Eerie watches over the lake, and pleads to his mother for advice. Instead of advice from his late mother, he sees a grown man collecting water from the lake. Haint attacks the stranger, protecting the sacred water of the wraith dragons.



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