The Om of Noms is the name given to an especially good harvest. It took place in 2260 ASW. The harvest was so good it attracted two new dragon species to the Vale and the magic allowed new treats to be grown.
The Om of Noms

A baby Harvest Dragon playing in the new Treats during the Om of Noms.


Some people say the good harvest is thanks to the large amount of equinox dragons bred in dragon parks that year and the many bumps on Nogard's newly hatched gourd dragon. The equinox theory one is surely wrong, but the gourd one may be true. The fact that Ro the Baker used a Cibumancy spell a few days before the harvest and he did not know what the effect really was may also be a reason. The harvest may be an effect of the spell.

New species


Dragon Treats


The Om of Noms was celebrated with a lot of feasts with newly grown fruit and vegetables. This also led to the discovery of the feast dragon. In parks some wizards came up with the idea to hide Treat Baskets in parks for the park owners to find.

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