The Mary Sisters
Species: Humans
Homeland: Curia
Gender: Female
Profession: Pyromancers
Date of Birth: 16 June, 2184 (Polonia)
17 June, 2185 (Asta)
7 February, 2188 (Radia)
7 December, 2192 (Urania)
12 July, 2203 (Lawrencia)
Date of Death: Unknown

The Mary Sisters are five sisters living in the city Curia. They are called (from youngest to oldest) Polonia, Asty, Radia, Urania, and Lawrencia. They all are pyromancers and radiomancers and use their magic to help those in need. They all are bonded to the same radiant dragon, Snowmower, who helps them thaw things frozen in ice or covered by snow. Polonia, Asta and Radia also bonded to three Bismuth Dragons while Urania and Lawrencia are bonded to two Promethium Dragons.

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