The Isle of Nipong
Type: Archipelago
Location: Sea of Kimzar
Climate: Temperate
Human Population: 3,051,947
Dragon Population: 110,660

The Isle of Nipong is a set of nine tiny islands just off the coast of The Far East. The islands are all named after and watched over by nine Nipongese deities. The islands are Kasai (named after the god of fire), Kōjō (named after the god of agriculture), Chikyū (named after the goddess of earth), Kōrudo (named after the god of winter), Raitoningu (named after the god of thunder and lightninig), Mizu (named after the goddess of the sea), Kūki (named after the goddess of wind), Kinzoku (named after the god of blacksmiths) and Mayonaka (named after the queen of the gods and the goddess of day and night).

Landscape and Characteristics



The Isle of Nipong is located in a subtropical climate.



Wizards and Witches






The Isle of Nipong was isolated from the rest of The Far East for many centuries. Its dragons and culture were unknown.

Bordering Regions

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