The Glittergold Mountains
Glittergold Mountains
Type: Mountain Range
Location: The Great South
Climate: Tropical
Human Population:
Dragon Population:

The Glittergold Mountains are an arid mountain range in the Great South, near the equator. They get their name from their glittering golden appearance, which fooled many adventurers into thinking they had found the Golden Land of Aurandia.

Landscape and Characteristics

These mountains are slightly younger than the Berrywhites and not as high. They appear golden and bright when the sun strikes them, giving them their name, but there is no real gold here. The land surrounding them is hot and arid. The highest part is Glittergold Uppercut, 4330 meters high. The School of the Mountain Sun was built at the base, so the students could appreciate the beauty of the school's conjoined elements in nature.

The Chrysaor River runs through Glittergold Uppercut, and opens into a waterfall which many of the native dragons bathe in.


Unknown Unknown Unknown
Galahad Plains The Glittergold Mountains, Glittergold Uppercut, Chrysaor River, School of the Mountain Sun, The Golden Land of Aurandia (possibly) Xiberian Savannas
Unknown Unknown Desert of Gau


It is always warm in the Glittergold Mountains, even at the top. Wizards believe this is because they were volcanoes in earlier days, but told us that "the chances of one ever erupting is as big as we discovering 100 Gemstone Dragons on the same day". Since then, explorers did much less effort to find Gemstone Dragons. It never rains on the Glittergold Mountains, but it snows in the winter, though the snow will melt almost instantly after landing because of the warm temperature.



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