The First Bonded Plant Dragon
Species: Plant Dragon
Homeland: The Krollsmarsh
Gender: Male
Profession: Companion of The First Wizard
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

The First Bonded Plant Dragon is the name given to the Plant Dragon that bonded with The First Wizard. It met the wizard when he saw him injured on the ground, but he didn't want to kill him, even though dragons and humans were in war at the moment. Along with The First Wizard, The First Witch and The Second Wizard, it traveled to other regions and learned about the fact that dragons and humans should live together in peace. However, shortly after the marriage of The First Wizard and The First Witch, the other Plant Dragons saw him along with the humans, and they tried to kill the humans and their dragons, which were The First Bonded Plant Dragon, the Pepper Dragon of The First Witch and the Plasma Dragon of The Second Wizard. Everyone could escape, except The First Bonded Plant Dragon, which was executed by its fellow dragons. However, shortly after the execution all dragons gained regret, as they realized that not all humans were evil. Not long after, the dragon who set them up against the humans, Conchoida, was killed and peace was formed between humans and wizards again.

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