The Berrywhite Mountains
Type: Mountain Range
Location: Adnalanda
Climate: Temperate
Human Population:
Dragon Population:

The Berrywhite Mountains are a range of mountains home to an assortment of dragons. It is the longest mountain range in the world.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Berrywhite Mountains' high, jagged peaks are little eroded and the tops are perpetually covered by snow. The lower areas are inhabited densely by humans and dragons alike, though it is still sloped.


The Berrywhite Mountains stretch across many climates. To the north, the weather even on the lower slopes is cold all year, but to the south green forests slope up the mountain range's base up to the timber line.




Wizards and Witches




Origin of Name

Back in the era of the Burcadian Civilization, the lower lands near the mountain range were full of "white berries". The Burcadians named the mountains after this. This later turned out to be the white Moonlace plant, which in its un-blossomed state during the day curls itself up to the shape of a berry. Moonlace is rare here now, but the mountain range still bears their name.

Bordering Locations

Traditions and Holidays