The Ballad of Drakkenfjord is a poem written in the honor of Hildegard Drakkenfjord for crossing the Sea of Kimzar with two Arctic Dragons. Unfortunately, the author of the epic forgot to put his name on it and multiple authors claim they wrote it, so no one knows who actually wrote it. Hildegard still searches for the author with her two arctic dragons, Ant and Polar.


Walking on the snow of the South

Drakkenfjord saw popping up a snout

A new dragon species was found

Arctic Dragons, looking like hounds

Thinking to go back in an epic way

Drakkenfjord got an amazing idea

Arctic Dragons freezing water was nice

And soon Drakkenfjord was walking on ice

The Sea of Kimzar is what she crossed

Her epic deed will never be lost

Though this deed made her a popular woman

Her feet were never warm again

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