Tentacle Plant

A Tentacle Plant in a Dark Habitat, along with some Erebus Grass and Dark Berries.

Tentacle Plants are plants with tentacles they can move freely and fast. They use them to catch small animals to provide enough water and nitrogen. Kraken Kabbage is not a tentacle plant because it cannot move the tentacles on its own and does not require nitrogen to grow.


Tentacle Plants have long tentacles (up to 10 meters) which are underground when not used. It is hard to tell if a plant is a tentacle plant when the tentacles are not visible. Luckily, tentacle plants do not prey on humans. Another characteristic of Tentacle Plants is the fact that they require a lot of nitrogen to grow, just the nitrogen in the air is not enough. This is the reason why they prey on animals. They also prey on animals because they also need a LOT of proteins.


Tentacle Plants are only found in big jungles, like the one behind the Scar of the World.

Magical Properties

Tentacle Plants do not have much relation with magic except the magic that makes moving their tentacles so quick possible.

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