Sulfur Dragon
Elements: Fire
Type: Golden Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Wyvern
Diet: Carnivore
DDLA Rank:
The sulfur dragon is often found near volcanoes and the hottest geysers. Their bright coloring makes them hard to miss, but it's their strong smell that your park visitors are most likely to remember. Friendly as they are, you don't want one of these dragons to lick you--their slobber can burn holes in your robes.

    —Nogard's description of the sulfur dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Sulfur Dragon is a rare Golden Hybrid of the Fire and Metal elements. It's main element is Fire.





The sulfur dragon can burn almost everything just by licking it. It also has sharp horns on its head, back and tail, and sharp claws.


Their smell scares away most predators.

Other Abilities

Sulfur dragons can burn through most materials. It is resistant to extreme heat (contrary to the element it resembles) and can survive in cold places too for short periods.

Breath Weapon

Sulfur dragons breath hydrogen disulfide, which smells more than horribly and is extremely hot too, as well as being toxic.


Both their smell and bright color makes them easy to spot. Some dragons actually like their smell.



Sulfur dragons live in volcanic places like Wrothmoore and Garita but also have been found at Blast Furnace.

Preferred Home

They prefer living in the hottest places of the volcano that are not too close to magma, since they still can't withstand the heat of lava.


Sulfur dragons cover themselves with volcanic ash when they are about to sleep.


Sulfur dragons are carnivores and eat magma centipedes and dead garitanese rocks, though they will not kill the Garitanese Rocks themselves.


Behavior and Personality

Sulfur dragons are remarkably curious and come close to almost everything from which it is 99% sure it isn't dangerous.

Social Order

Sulfur dragons may live close to each other, but will not hunt as teams.

Relationship to Wizards

Sulfur dragons are very friendly to humans, though humans prefer avoiding them because of the smell and the danger of being licked.

Life Cycle


Sulfur dragons like their own smell and the smell of other sulfur dragons. They will get attracted by each others smell.


Sulfur dragon eggs are covered by hydrogen sulfide their parents produce to protect them from predators.


Infants are even more curious than adults. Just remember they just want to know what that thing in front of them is and didn't burn a hole in it on purpose.


An adolescent sulfur dragon is wise enough to know that licking things is dangerous, though they may still sometimes do it on wizard robes. It probably already left its parents, but if that's not the case, it will do now.


Adults are probably the most intelligent creatures in Wrothmoore, except for the wizards living there. They learn something new every day and keep on remembering that licking wizard robes is so fun.

Life Span

Sulfur dragons can reach an age of 135 years old.



The sulfur dragon was discovered by Komoria, a witch living near the Garita volcano who also discovered the Bicentennial Dragon. She smelled something smelly and the smell scared her away. This only made her bump upon another sulfur dragon with an even smellier smell.

Origin of Name

They were named after the element they resemble and the fact it breathes hydrogen sulfide.


Sulfur dragons are associated with Pyromancy and Metallomancy.

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