Sprout Dragon

Sprout Dragon Adult


Sprout Dragon Baby

Sprout Dragon Egg

Elements: Seasonal
Type: Epic
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Photosynthetic
DDLA Rank:
The Sprout dragon is truly one of nature's mysteries! These little dragons are so full of the energy of new life, that instead of getting very large as they grow, they actually multiply into a small group over time! It's possible that given centuries, these groups would grow up, but for now we'll just enjoy their playful youth!
    —Nogard's description of the sprout dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Sprout Dragon is an Epic dragon of the Seasonal element.


Throughout their life, sprout dragons retain very hatchling-like proportions, never appearing to grow older or increase in size. Their small bodies are mostly brown, with a green underbelly and a small green curl on their head- similar to their tail. Their wings are proportionally rather small, and look like leaves.



The sprout dragon may not have real weapons, but they annoy their enemies by playfully tickling or biting them.


The sprout dragon is full of energy and can climb, run, swim and fly very fast.

Other Abilities

The sprout dragon is so cute that few dragons want to attack it.

Breath Weapon

The sprout dragon breathes pure Arboromancy, making trees grow faster. It's also one of their common pranks: they breath on grass where another creature is standing on, a tree grows in a second, and the other creature is stuck in the leaves high above.


The sprout dragon is very small and their carefree attitude to life may cause them to not recognize enemies.



The sprout dragon lives in the Cadberry Meadows and in The Great Forest.

Preferred Home

They prefer living high up in trees where they can build tree huts and climb for fun.


They use their Arboromancy to make tree huts they live in. They also have some sense of art and make wooden sculptures on trees and cut the leaves of trees into beautiful decorations.


The sprout dragon does not eat, why eat when you can have fun at the same time? To prevent starvation, the sprout dragon survives on photosynthesis.


Behavior and Personality

The sprout dragon and the water dragon are the most playful dragons you will ever see. Even their fighting techniques are based on playing. When they're not sleeping, playing or making wooden sculptures, they are probably sick.

Social Order

The sprout dragon lives together in groups of three who all originate from the same sprout dragon. One member of the group is the leader, dominant over the other two.

Relationship to Wizards

The sprout dragon will rarely meet a wizard, but when it does so, it will play with them.

Life Cycle


The sprout dragon does not mate with its two friends. Every spring, they will playfully roam the forest they live in to search for playmates and mates.


The sprout dragon egg is left by the parents. The dragon is born as a single dragon. It will seek a tree and build its own tree hut. It always keeps the eggshell as a toy.


The sprout dragon remains infant for its entire life. In lieu of actually growing, a sprout dragon will duplicate itself as it ages. Wizards have never caught this behavior in action; they have simply woken up to find that they now have two sprout dragons instead of one. The exact form of magic this entails has not been determined.

The group cooperates on everything and lives in the same hut. They are not, however, considered the same individual like the andromedan dragon- each sprout dragon has a different personality and, on occasion, may have a slightly different appearance from the others. When one member of the group gets killed, a new one will be created with an identical memory and personality.

Life Span

The sprout dragon's life span is unknown, some even suggest they are immortal when not killed, as the only dead bodies of sprout dragons we found were killed by attacks.



The sprout dragon was sleeping when discovered. The wizards still don't know why Seasonal dragons always seem to be sleeping when discovered. Their discoverer, Julian the Fair, took the three to his Dragon Park to examine them in their sleep. Once they woke up, they immediately ran back to The Great Forest without even noticing Julian. Later, The Great Nogard found the three back with the help of Leif, and gave the three back to Julian for his Dragon Park.

Origin of Name

The sprout dragon was named because they seem to be the most common in the wild when the first seeds are sprouted.


The sprout dragon is related to Epochemancy and strongly associated with Chloromancy and Arboromancy.

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