Spectre Dragon

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Spectre Dragon Baby

Spectre Dragon Egg

Elements: Cold
Type: Rare Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Amphither
Diet: Ectoplasm-vore
DDLA Rank: 5
Once upon a dark night foggy, Nogard awoke, worn and groggy,
And looked about at scrolls and tomes of ancient dragon lore.
While he drifted, nearly sleeping, came a sound, the sound of creaking,
A sound as if some thing were sneaking, sneaking near his tower door.
"Tis some visitor", he mumbled, "creeping in the foggy moor-
Only this, and nothing more."
Gath'ring his courage (and his beard) Nogard stood to see what neared,
And looked out his tower window at the distant foggy moor.
Then a form came from the dark, ghostly pallored, eerily stark,
A shade which made Nogard remark, "What dread awaits me, in my park?"
He grabbed his cloak and staff and said, "There's only one way to be sure."
And then he walked upon the moor.
From the dark there came a grumble, a soft and low kind of rumble,
Nogard almost took a stumble, out in the foggy moor.
Nogard peered into the black, and what he saw took him aback,
A hungry spectre dragon pack, to which he sighed and threw a snack.
Nogard called out to the dragons as he walked back to the door,
"That's all you get, and nothing more!"
    —Nogard's description of the spectre dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Spectre Dragon is a rare hybrid dragon of the Cold and Earth elements. It's main element is Cold. It is also categorized under the Spooky element as well.


The spectre dragon is largely composed of ectoplasm and has no visible organs other than the brain in the skull, which is his head. The rest is just a cloak with a magical light inside. The pressure inside the cloak is so strong that if you were to put your hand in, it will probably be blended by the pressure.



Spectre dragons rarely fight, but when provoked, they shoot huge glowing orbs of ectoplasm, which literally blends anything that comes into contact with it.


Spectre dragons emit eerie croaking and creaking sounds, which are frightening enough to make their main enemies, humans, flee.

Other Abilities

"Let me show you him... wait, where is he?"
"Um, maybe he is hiding under his cloak?"
"Do you see a cloak somewhere?"
"Um, no, maybe the cloak is invisible?"
    —A conversation between Whitbee and Harry Stopper. Whitbee wanted to show Harry his new spectre dragon but didn't know yet they could become invisible.

The spectre dragon can become invisible for a short time and is very fast, which makes it look like it teleports when using both these skills at the same time.

Breath Weapon







Preferred Home





Their main diet consists of ectoplasmic creatures, but ever since the species went at war with humans, they also like eating crops. This was originally mainly as a "have-it-so-they-can't-have-it"-tactic, but nowadays they like it as much as their ghostly lunch.


Behavior and Personality


Social Order

These ghost-like dragons live in packs with the alpha generally being the oldest dragon among themselves.

Relationship to Wizards

Spectre dragons see humans as their main enemies. Old tales tell about flocks of these dragons attacking villages and stealing all the food. Nowadays, the dragons seem to be less brutal, but still often visit villages to get food, yet without killing anyone unless they get nothing (They will likely still deliver some damage to the houses). Be wary to not near spectre dragon flocks when you're alone, since they may still attack sole wizards. DDLA has ranked them as 5.

Life Cycle


Spectre dragons have a non-normal life cycle and thus do not mate. When they die, they simply fade away, leaving behind an egg. The egg is raised by the pack and hatches into a new spectre dragon.









Life Span




The spectre dragon was discovered by The Great Nogard one night. The poem, The Spectre Dragon, was made to commemorate the discovery of the creature. Nogard, on the dragon's discovery, immediately gifted the pack to his ally Whitbee, who introduced the dragon as a member of his carnival.

Origin of Name

The name of the spectre dragon comes from its ghostly pallor.



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