Sparks Fly is a love story tragedy written by W. Wiggleswand.


Miranda Wright is a beautiful electromancer. She owns a tempest dragon called Cirrus, which she has owned for many years. While travelling from the Nimbus Mountains to The Grand City, she falls ill and Cirrus takes her to the house of a young and compassionate cryomancer, Liroid Snowfall. While Miranda falls slowly in love with the cryomancer, she almost forgot about her mission in The Grand City, and Cirrus begins to envy the cryomancer for the attention he's getting from Miranda. Cirrus causes a great storm out of jealousy, which raged through the cryomancer's village. When Cirrus finds out that the cryomancer survived, he returns and avoids suspicion. Cirrus attempted to hold in his anger, but when the cryomancer proposed to Miranda, Cirrus lost it. He killed the cryomancer. Expecting Miranda to go on with her life and remember her goal, he jumps into her arms. Instead, Miranda is distraught. In her trauma, she suicides. Cirrus, now with a heart as hard as stone, flees back to the Nimbus Mountains with a solitary life, until he dies alone and unloved.


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