Sparkle of Hope is a play by Sage Kyury.


Alex, a female Coal Dragon, and her friends Igneous(a male Lava Dragon) and Parsnip(a male Root Dragon) have their lives threatened by a dangerous tribe of humans that kills dragons for sport. Igneous comes up with the idea to hide underground, so Parsnip starts digging a tunnel deeper and deeper, and Alex and Igneous follow. They encounter several underground dragons, some of them friendly, some not. The underground dragons encountered will be added later Their final test is Darron's Dungeon, where Darron, an evil Dungeon Dragon, trains an army of enslaved dragons to take over the land above. Darron captures the three of them and gives them two choices: to be enslaved or to die.
Alex submits and allows Darron to enslave her, but Igneous and Parsnip protest. Alex watches them killed behind bars. Traumatized by her friends' death, she falls into a cold, depressed sleep. NOT FINISHED

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