Spark Dragon

Spark Dragon Adult


Spark Dragon Baby

Spark Dragon Egg

Elements: Lightning
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: TBA
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Ectoplasm-vore
When dark and lightning met in the form of the spark dragon, it was electrically epic. Scattering energy in all directions, your visitors are sure to have a shockingly good time seeing these dragons!
    —Nogard's description of the spark dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Spark Dragon is hybrid dragon of the Lightning and Dark elements. It's main element is Lightning.





The spark dragon always releases sparks, even out of battle. In parks they use magic to undo any of the dangerous effects of these sparks. The power of those sparks vary from just small shocks to deadly electrocuting thunderbolts.


Those sparks scare away everyone that likes his life.

Other Abilities

Spark dragons have perfect eyesight in the dark.

Breath Weapon

Spark dragons just breath even more sparks.


Spark dragons are small, dumb and clumsy. Luckily their sparks protect them, however if they are in water they can't release their sparks.



Spark dragons live in the forests behind the Scar of the World, in harmony with orchid dragons.

Preferred Home

They prefer dark places.


Spark dragons are too dumb to build nests.


Spark dragons can sometimes be seen happing in the air. First, it was thought these dragons do so because they are dumb, but they have never been observed eating anything so we believe now they eat invisible ectoplasm.


Behavior and Personality

Spark dragons are dumb and thus act dumb.

Social Order

Spark dragons' live in large groups called volts.

Relationship to Wizards

Spark dragons are so dumb that they may not even notice when a wizard is standing next to them. Also wizards usually avoid them to prevent being electrocuted.

When in a park


The spark dragon can be bred by two dragons with the Dark and Lightning elements.


These dragons can live in Omnitats, Dark, Spooky, and Lightning habitats.

How to care for


Favorite Treat


Life Cycle


Spark dragons just mate with the first other adult spark dragon of the other gender they see.


A spark dragon egg is used as a soccer ball until it hatches. The eggs have evolved to have a hard shell so it won't break because of the dumb actions of the parents.


Infant spark dragons are, ironically enough, more intelligent than their parents. But the parents still are so dumb they won't listen to their infant.


An adolescent spark dragon loses most of its intelligence and starts to act dumb with the others of the group.


Intelligence is now past time. Acting dumber than ever now, spark dragon adults are nominated for the top 10 dumbest creatures in the Vale.

Life Span

Surprisingly, spark dragons mostly survive their dumb actions, reaching ages of about 55.



They were discovered after Dark Magic returned to our world.

Origin of Name

They were named after the sparks they emit.


Spark dragons have a strong connection with Erebomancy, Umbramancy, and Electromancy.

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