Sorec the Thunderer is a legendary dragon whose existence is considered by some to be myth and considered by others to be fact. Some say he is the brother of Kairos. Most say he is the legendary dragon of war; others say he is an elemental and affiliated with lightning.


Drawings depicting a massive silver dragon with black horns have been found on Burcadian monoliths, and are believed to depict the legendary dragon. Stories of the Thunderer still persist among cold dragon clans. An ancient temple, now ruined, is believed to be the tomb of Sorec, and is the source of most of the knowledge of him. It is full of carvings, most of which are worn away, but three are still readable. The first depicts a dragon strikingly similar to the Burcadian interpretation flying above three mountains. The second depicts the dragon holding a ball of fire in one hand and a key in the other. The third is the most confusing, and seems to depict twelve dragons standing in a circle around an obelisk covered in runes. The runes are a language no wizard has yet been able to interpret, and the twelve dragons do not look anything like known dragon species. Two are wyrms, one is an eight-winged amphithere, one is a six-winged amphithere and the rest are quadruped dracons.


There is not much agreement on the identity of Sorec. He is considered either to be the legendary dragon of war or the legendary dragon of lightning. The latter version of the story would mean he is among the Legendary Elementals, a myth about ten legendary dragons that each ruled the elements. However, most scholars believe that the Legendary Elementals never existed and drawings of them are meant to be personifications of the elements, instead of actual beings that existed.

Sorec's mightiness and power are emphasized in all the stories about him that exist. He is said to be able to pound entire mountains to gravel with his tail and bite lightning bolts in two with his teeth. How a dragon could do such things is beyond dragon scholars.

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