Sky Tree

A skytree.

The Skytree is a rare and endangered type of tree that grows in the lands inhabited by air dragons.


The Skytree has a thin trunk and a treetop in an upside-down U-form. It may look very fragile, but this tree can withstand the strongest winds.


Skytrees grow in the Verulean Highlands, on the Palagos Islands, on Glacier Point, all throughout Aeolia, and other habitats of Air dragons and very high places.

Magical Properties

As there is no scientific explanation on how the Skytree can withstand such hard winds with such a thin trunk, it is assumed that this is done magically. Some arboromancers believe that the leaves of this tree are one of the ingredients of the potion that gives endless youth, but this hasn't been confirmed because of "the other ingredients haven't yet been found", according to the arboromancers. The wood of the tree still is enchanted after it is cut; it is used to build houses in The Far North that can withstand terrible snowstorms and Yeti attacks. The tree's wood is used in the making of Aeromancy Wands.

Maintenance in Parks

Skytrees are hard to keep. Their maintenance costs a lot of DragonCash too. We do not give any information about their maintenance, leave that to experts (those work for free too).

Skytrees in an Air Habitat

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