Sirotta Miller was a Chloromancer famous for her discovery of Floofy Moss as a young child.



Sirotta Miller grew up in a small cottage on the side of Cherry Road. Her mother, Castilla Miller, illegally captured Plant Dragons from The Great Forest and sold them to the black market. Sirotta, however, often befriended her Plant Dragon neighbors. When she was older, she even helped them escape when her mother captured them.

When Sirotta was five, she came running home from The Great Forest, a handful of Floofy Moss clenched in her right hand. "Mom, look what I found! Floofy Moss!" Castilla examined the plant Sirotta had taken home and realized that her daughter had discovered a new kind of moss! She released the discovery to the public, naming it Floofy Moss after Sirotta's name for it.

Later Life

At age sixteen, Sirotta, fed up with her mother's mistreating of dragons, fled to The Grand City on the back of her favorite Plant Dragon, Oakley. At The Grand City, she bonded with Oakley, got a wizard's education, became a skilled Chloromancer, and even started a small dragon park. To receive the highest education in Chloromancy, she studied at the School of the Growing Leaves.


Bonded Dragons

Park Dragons

...and many more in her dragon park

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