The Sea of Kimzar is a sea at the north of The Shimmering Isles and the west of Aeolia (and thus also at the east of The Far East). Nogard once misspelled it as "Sea of Kizmar" in The Book of Dragons in the Arctic Dragon's section.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Sea of Kimzar is a wild sea with a lot of dangerous and high waves. There is also a trail of ice running from The Far South over the Sea of Kimzar to the Magic Portal to The Grand City, from back in the time Hildegard Drakkenfjord crossed it.


It rarely rains above the Sea of Kimzar, but when it rains, it storms, creating even bigger waves. There is always a strong wind blowing generating high waves. It has a comfortable temperature at most places but it is very cold in the part near The Far North.


Wizards and Witches



Non-Dragon Creatures

Origin of Name

The sea is named after Kimzar the White, the Cold Dragon depicted in the Cold Shrine.