WiThe Scrolls of Prophecy are scrolls containing texts and prophecies. Almost every scroll is written in a different language, and so far only two are deciphered. They were written by the first wizards living in Ronstreet. It seems that they are all written to rhyme, even the undeciphered ones seem to have the same letters (or marks) at the end of their words.

They are believed to be written by an ancient, now-extinct culture that worshiped dragons, especially Epic dragons. Carvings that have been found, believed to be created by this culture, show Apocalypse element dragons ending the world.

They are considered sacred by the Ragnarists.

Volume XIII ("The Harbinger of Chaos")

Lingering long in caverns deep,

Ragnarok Dragons took their sleep.

Wolfish, serpentine, giant, strong,

In cold, dark earth, howled fire song!

Waked by wizards, their kind return,

Treat them well and from them you'll learn!

Volume LXIV ("House of Dawn")

There is a house in a distant land

It is called the House of Dawn

It will be the ruin of many a poor child

Come the rising sun

Volume LXXVII ("Mirrored Mirage")

In the place where water hides

A dragon torn by different sides

Will come when you have lost your way

And provide a solid place to stay

Volume DCLVI ("Fated Arrival")

In the waning days of the ninth month

In the age when land ascends the sky

The two-headed one will spread it's wings

And bring forth its dread and haunting cry