Shallow minds and shallow hearts bring shallow rewards.
    —The school motto
School of the Verdant Marsh
Elements: Water
Characteristics: peaceful, nurturing
Mascot: Swamp Dragon
Location: Nes Lake

The School of the Verdant Marsh is a school which practices Chloromancy and Hydromancy.




The School of the Verdant Marsh floats on the surface of the waters of the southern Nes Lake. The only way to access it from land is by way of a path through treacherous marshes and mangrove swamps. The school consists of several floating buildings tethered together in a ring around a central court of floating gardens and greenhouses. The school doesn't technically float--the buildings are securely supported by posts reaching the bottom of the lake--but the bridges in between buildings do float and students often fall off into the water. The water of the lake is beautifully clear and the tropical plants in the floating gardens bloom year round. There have even been sighting of terradiem dragons roaming around the coastline near the school.

Subjects Taught

Students are taught Chloromancy and Hydromancy. The school's mundane subjects deal with medicine, agriculture, and caring for plants and animals.


Students of the School of the Verdant March typically go into conservation and environmentalism, healing, or agriculture after graduating. They are typically kind, caring, and lovers of nature. Students typically are bonded to swamp or seaweed dragons, though harvest, bog, harvest moon, and Bouquet dragons appear occasionally.



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