School of the Supreme Destruction
Elements: Apocalypse
Characteristics: careful, loyal, honest
Mascot: Apocalypse Dragon
Location: Plaaaaains
No matter the power, don't abuse it!
    —The school motto

The School of the Supreme Destruction is a school which practices Apocalypse magic, Maelstromancy.


It was short after The War of the Wizards. The Apocalypse element was feared more than ever. Almost no wizard dared to practice it, as most users were imprisoned just because they knew how to use it. One wizard, Kedrava Adava, dared to make a school for this kind of magic in the location later known as Plaaaaains. He risked a lot, as he could have been sentenced for life in prison, and he used a lot of money for the school too. However, the community of magic agreed the kind of magic may not be lost and he was allowed to keep it open. To this day, it still isn't a large school because the magic may not be used other than for studying dragons, but every generation still has a lot of wizards familiar with Maelstromancy all thanks to this school.

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