The School of the Subterranean Storm is a school that practices Electromancy and Terramancy.

School of the Subterranean Storm
Elements: Lightning
Characteristics: Powerful, Steadfast, Loyal
Mascot: Quake Dragon
Location: Deep in the Verulean Highlands




True to its name, this school exists deep underground, underneath the largest known cluster of Erudine Crystals. Energy is drawn from the Erudine Crystals to light the school with electric light. The walls of the classrooms and hallways are made out of thin layers of quartz, with natural stone behind it. The chairs and benches in the classes are made out of corundum. The floor is made out of marble, decorated with turquienite (light blue dyed howlite that looks exactly like turquoise) and the walls of the dorms are decorated with emeralds. The build of the school costed millions.


Students are normally bonded to crystal and quake dragons. Some student are bonded to cotton, leathery, tidal, garland, and shield dragons but they are rare.



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