School of the Red Flower
Elements: Fire
Characteristics: Generous, vibrant, problem solvers
Mascot: Flower Dragon
Location: Kipling Jungle
"Your mind can not be extinguished. It can only grow."
    —The school motto

The School of the Red Flower is a magic school which practices Pyromancy and Chloromancy. It is, at present, the largest school of magic anywhere in the Vale, with over 1,100 students attending at any given time.


The school can be found in an opening in Kipling Jungle, which is called the Rud Yard. The school is a large building made out of materials found in the jungle: The ground is made out of polished jungle stones with moss growing on them, the walls are made out of jungle tree wood, and the roof is made out of giant leaves. They don't have to bother about the rain, as the big number of trees above them stops most rain drops, and it rarely rains. They need no warming because of the natural heat of the Kipling Jungle. Flowers grow on the outer walls, especially red ones. Purely coincidence, no magic, planting or removing of other flowers involved.




Subjects Taught

The school only teaches the bare necessities:


Students of the School of the Red Flower tend to have colorful personalities. They are creative and always looking for new perspectives and ideas. They love to learn, explore, discover, and help others. They are most commonly bonded to Flower, Poison, or Pepper dragons, but the School of the Red Flower includes students bonded to dozens of species.




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