School of the Metallic Flood
Elements: Metal
Characteristics: Adaptable, self-regulated
Mascot: Quicksilver Dragon
Location: Antonio von Sickengen's House (bottom floor)
"Survive us, survive anything."
    —The school motto

The School of the Metallic Flood is a school which practices Metallomancy and Hydromancy.




Antonio von Sickengen was always interested in Quicksilver Dragons. Even after he discovered one of the rarest Epic dragons, the Platinum Dragon, he kept on studying quicksilvers instead of studying the new species.

One day, he was bothered with how few young wizards studied both Metallomancy and Hydromancy. He knew it was mainly because there was no school with them both, and you would have to go to multiple schools to practice them both. Antonio wanted a school with both types of magic.

Antonio knew he used almost never the bottom floor of his very large mansion. So, he moved the few things on his bottom floor to the top floor, and uses the bottom floor as a school. The school mainly studies quicksilver dragons who are bred in the terrain behind the mansion and even though it does not have that many students compared to for example the School of the Red Flower, it has made a lot of growth the few years it exists and will surely keep growing.


Students are normally bonded to quicksilver, rust, and conch dragons.



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