School of the Iron Blossom
Iron Blossom
Elements: Metal
Characteristics: Crafty, adaptable, dependable
Mascot: Iron Blossom Dragon
Location: Ulster Meadows
"Sown and forged."
    —The school motto

The School of the Iron Blossom is a magic school which practices Metallomancy and Chloromancy. They are also know for their adamant research in Oneiromancy.





The school stands on a hill in the middle of Ulster Meadows, with walls of copper. Ivy grows over these walls of copper. The interior is three stories high, with about five rooms on each story. Iron blossom dragons are very protective of their namesake school. Basically, free guards! The first floor is a hall, with one bathroom, a kitchen and a large spiraling staircase to the second and third floor. The second floor is filled with classrooms, including the Dragon Studies classroom, the Chloromancy classroom and the Metallomancy classroom. The third floor consists of dormitories, with girls and boys separated. There is a statue of a thorn dragon inside the male dormitories, and a rose dragon inside the female's, in honor of W. Wiggleswand's play, The Rose Dragon and the Thorn Dragon. The courtyard is paved with a golden and marble pattern of diamonds and octagons, respectively. This is where Dragon Flight class is held.

Subjects Taught



Students of the School of the Iron Blossom are typically bonded to malachite or ironwood dragons, and occasionally thorn or iron blossom dragons. An occasional faire dragon is also seen. After graduating they typically go into the arts, especially those that require building, crafting, and working with the hands.



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