School of the Icy Torrent
Icy Torrent
Elements: Cold
Characteristics: Powerful, courageous, adamant
Mascot: Icy Torrent Dragon
Location: Cliff off of the Sea of Kimzar
"We do not sink."
    —The school motto

The School of the Icy Torrent is a magic school which practices Cryomancy and Hydromancy.


This school is carved of ice in a high ice cliff on the coast of the Sea of Kimzar. Students learn quickly to tolerate the cold, as the only sources of warmth are super thick blankets and ultra warm clothing. The only things above freezing are the toilet seats--baths and showers are taken care of with Hygiene Spells.




Students are usually bonded to Ice Dragons or Iceberg Dragons, but sometimes to Century Dragons or Icy Torrent Dragons. An occasional Shield Dragon is also seen.



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