School of the Hot Tub
Elements: Fire, Water
Characteristics: calm, honest, loyal
Mascot: Coral Dragon
Location: Nifland
Keep your sauna close, but your friends closer.
    —The school motto

The School of the Hot Tub is a school practicing Pyromancy, Hydromancy, Magmamancy and Psarimancy. It is a pretty large school and is located in the northern tundra of Nifland. This school and the school of the Liquid Inferno are bitter rivals, as both teach the same kinds of magic.


The school is made out of Skytree wood to protect from snowstorms and heavy snowfall. It has more saunas and hot tubs than classrooms, and every dorm has a sauna too. Even though it is located in one of the coldest regions, students never get cold.

The school is heated and powered by geothermal energy naturally found in Nifland.


This school and the School of the Liquid Inferno used to be the same school, but the schools split over a bitter rivalry within the leadership.







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