School of the Dark Lantern
Elements: Dark
Characteristics: Potent, supportive
Mascot: Dark Rift Dragon
Location: Just outside The Scar of the World
"We would see nothing if light and darkness did not live in harmony."
    —The school motto

The School of the Dark Lantern is a magic school which practices Erebomancy and Phytomancy. It is the only non-Epic magic school with a mascot dragon that isn't permanently available in parks.


One half of the school is made out of black bricks, the other out of white bricks. The black part has Umbramancy spells cast on the outside to hull it in shade, the white part has a lot of lamps on the outside. The entrance is in the middle, the door at the black part is out of Blacktree wood, the white part door has Circh Tree wood. At the inside, there are lamps at the white side, but not at the black side and See in the Dark Spells are required. The Light magic classrooms are at the white side and the Dark magic classrooms at the black side. There are no windows.


The school was around long before light and dark magic returned to the Vale. It was used by people who firmly believed they would return. The school was demolished, but Hartfell, one of the school's greatest alumni, managed to persuade the Wizard Council to rebuild it.


Students are mostly bonded to shadow or mirage dragons, but also common are light rift and dark rift dragons. Rarer are neoteric dragons.




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