School of the Craggy River
Elements: Earth
Characteristics: Good under pressure, loyal
Mascot: River Dragon
Location: Kes River
"A sharp mind is better than an empty one."
    —The school motto

The School of the Craggy River is a magic school which practices Terramancy and Hydromancy.


The school is located next to the Kes River. It is made out of hardened mud made even harder with Terramancy. Small lakes are spread throughout the school (at the inside) even with mini-rivers connecting them. The dorms are beautifully decorated with moss and flowers. If a student behaves bad, a rain cloud will be summoned in his dorm. Beds are made out of moss and wood (even worse when you behave bad, the water of the rain will make your moss bed wet for a long time).



Subjects Taught



Students are normally bonded to river, mud, geode, and quicksand dragons. Occasionally students will be bonded to century, terradiem, or harvest dragons. Rarer are students who have bonded with a panlong, tidal, or shield dragon.




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