School of the Cold Blade
Elements: Metal
Characteristics: Emotionless, Ruthless, Cunning
Mascot: Steel Dragon
Location: The Frozen Highlands
"Steel sharpens steel."
    —The school motto

The School of the Cold Blade is a school that practices Cryomancy and Metallomancy.





This school is one of the northernmost schools still practicing. It is a large metal fortress in the center of a desolate, icy wasteland.

Everything within the school is made of various types of metal--the only things that aren't out of metal are the students' beds; which are, ironically, made from enchanted clouds that are light as a feather, softer than a basket full of kittens, and can support a medium sized dragon without breaking apart. (The school's founder believed a comfortable night's sleep was essential to mental and physical health and optimization.)

Subjects Taught

All students receive training in Cryomancy and Metallomancy. The school is also known for its study of martial arts and use of other weapons, which comes from the interests of the school's founder, who wanted all his students to be able to protect themselves in any situation. Students can choose to study logic and military strategy as well.


Students of this school often bond Mine, Steel and Coldforge dragons. However, Bearded Dragons are seen too.

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