School of the Chill Flame
Elements: Cold
Characteristics: cool, hot tempered
Mascot: Frostfire Dragon
Location: Palagos Islands
"Ice may be freezing, fire may be burning, together, it equals in beauty and comfort."
    —The School Motto

The School of the Chill Flame is a school which practices Cryomancy and Pyromancy.


One of the islands of the Palagos Islands is completely school domain. The school is carved in the large rock in the center, and surrounding fields are garden. The island was originally uninhabited, but the school started a frostfire dragon breeding plan and now the island is the main habitat of the dragons.



Subjects Taught



Students are usually bonded to frostfire or blue fire dragons, but occasionally gift, regift, nosferatu, decay, paper, leathery, and wyrmwood dragons are seen too.



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