School of the Blown Stalk
Elements: Air
Characteristics: Optimistic, understanding
Mascot: Pollen Dragon
Location: The Great Forest
"Gravity is only as strong as the feet that keep us standing."
    —The school motto

The School of the Blown Stalk is a magic school which practices Aeromancy and Chloromancy.


The school recycled a crashed jet as main building. A giant beanstalk (by which I mean GIANT, some portions are over a kilometer high) held up by magic holds the jet at the top. The huge leaves are used as stairway, but students prefer getting up by helicopters or spells or even Lamp Zeppelins as the stairway to the school is too high. Of course, that one jet is not enough for all classrooms, so some classrooms are made out of huge beans. There even is a place where smaller beanstalks are grown for food (something that annoys the students is that every meal has something to do with beans). All those bean meals make the dorms kinda stink at night... The base of the stalk is located somewhere in The Great Forest. Plant dragons sometimes eat beans falling down.




Students are normally bonded to pollen, willow, or orchid dragons. Some are bonded to rose dragons as well but they are rarer.





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