School of the Blinding Beacon
Elements: Light
Characteristics: Sweet, friendly, noble
Mascot: Light Dragon
Location: The Grand City
Blinded by the light.
    —The school motto

The School of the Blinding Beacon is a school specializing in Phytomancy. Wizards and witches go here to get the best education in Phytomancy possible. It also teaches Luximancy and a little bit of Chromamancy. It is one of the biggest schools and is located in the center of The Grand City.


The school is locatedvin the center of The Grand City, and the plaza fountain surrounded by the Beacons of Freedom is just 25 meters away from the main entrance-in fact, the plaza is the garden of the school. The school is made out of yellow bricks and the floor out of the non-radioactive Magical Glow Rock. Paintings of all almuni, teachers and staff are hanging in the halls, and the classrooms are beautifully decorated. A golden Wind Dragon statue stands on the roof and stone statues of all Light and Sun element dragons are found in the halls. The school is also known for its giant, vividly colored glass windows.



Subjects Taught




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