School of the Blazing Gale
Blazing Gale
Elements: Fire
Characteristics: Passionate, Forgiving
Mascot: Blazing Gale Dragon
Location: Burning Heights
"Unscorched. Untethered. Untroubled."
    —The school's motto

The School of the Blazing Gale is a magical school which practices Pyromancy and Aeromancy. It also works on Chromamancy.


The school was founded in 1261 ASW by Thomas Burns. Burns, having just retired from performing Pyromancy, decided to teach the younger ones. He chose to build a school, but when completed, the school seemed to draw air dragons. When one of them bred with his fire dragon, it laid a Blazing Gale dragon egg. Due to the lack of breeding magic, the new dragon wasn't a hybrid, but a crossbreed. After that, Burns decided to incorporate Aeromancy into the curriculum, and the Blazing Gale dragon became the school mascot. Though Burns died in 1302 ASW, a milennium after the school was created, the school is still one of the most famous magical schools in the Vale. The hill he built the school on is now called Burning Heights in honor of his accomplishments.




Students here are normally characterized by traits such as passionate and forgiving.

They normally bond with the Smoke, Blazing, Inferno, and Smolder Dragons. Some student are bonded to the Firework Dragon or Blazing Gale Dragons, but those are a rare sight. Even rarer are the students who have bonded to the Butterfly, Rose, Bicentennial, and Panlong Dragons.



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