School of the Black Venom
Elements: Dark
Characteristics: shy, easily enraged/insulted
Mascot: Dark Dragon
Location: Bocartes
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    —The school motto

The School of the Black Venom is a school specializing in Erebomancy and all its branches (with the exception of Radiomancy, as well as limited Venomancy and even Telemancy, which lets all students use their magic at the same time, or at least those with hybrid dragons. Little is known about it, other than that it is among the smallest schools of all and that it is located in the center of Bocartes.


The school is made out of dark colored bricks, with some glowing green ones too. The roof is made out of Blacktree wood, with a pitch-black color. The windows do not give any look at the inside, as at the inside they are covered with Green Glow Rock covered with phosphorus, giving it a green glow. These look like green lamps at night. There is no door at all; students are let in and out with portals.


Students are normally bonded to a dark dragon or any other dragon with the Dark element in it.

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