School of the Black Ocean
Elements: Dark
Characteristics: secretive, patient
Mascot: Abyss Dragon
Location: It's a secret
Keep hidden. You never know who is watching you.
    —The school motto

The School of the Black Ocean is a school that practices Erebomancy and Hydromancy. It is one of the smallest of the schools, with just over 250 students in a usual semester. This is mainly because the school only accepts students if they found the school and are interested to join.


The School of the Black Ocean is deep underwater, far beneath the sunlit zones of the sea, in the dark, cold depths. All its classrooms and dormitories are pressurized cabins. No one knows the exact location, except alumni, staff, and (former) students, but they keep the secret as a school tradition.




Students of the School of the Black Ocean typically are bonded to Abyss or Ooze dragons, though Tidal dragons are occasionally seen. Not long ago, Trench Dragons became popular too.