School of the Bird's Looping
Elements: Air
Characteristics: daring, brave
Mascot: Air Dragon
Location: Various
Life is like an air stunt. Whatever you do, don't fall down!
    —The school motto

The School of the Bird's Looping is a school specializing in Aeromancy. Wizards come here to get the best education in Aeromancy.


The School of the Bird's Looping is a giant eagle-shaped flying vehicle performing stunts all the time. A lot of gravitational spells are used to keep the students with their feet on the ground and to prevent them from becoming sick. Every summer, the vehicle stays rooted on the ground, and is airborne for the school year. It is controlled by an advanced A.I. called P.E.R.E.G.R.I.N.E, who functions as a guidance counsellor to the students.



Subjects Taught





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