School of the Arctic Rock
Elements: Cold
Characteristics: Patient, resilient
Mascot: Arctic Dragon
Location: Base of Mt Drake
"The cold never bothered us anyway."
    —The school motto

The School of the Arctic Rock is a magic school which practices Cryomancy and Terramancy. It is one of the largest schools, with over 900 students attending at present.


The school is a large fortress at the base of Mount Drake. It is large and sprawling, with high walls and glittering icy spikes along its stone gates. Ice-sculpted gargoyles line the walls, and the large inner courtyard is full of frozen stone fountains. Comforts are few in this school. The dormitories are barren of all but the essentials and all but a few rooms within the school are without heating. There are no civilizations or settlements for many miles out from it.




Students at this school typically bond to mountain, glacier, or arctic dragons and on rare occasions ghost and spectre dragons, but many other dragons can be seen on the grounds.





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